But for real, though… who’s still blogging in 2020?

Me. At least, I should be, and so here we are.

I’d love to be one of those people who say that “2019 was a year of <insert whatever amazing things happened here>” but, really, that’s not what it was for me. It was growing, but with growing pains. It was stepping back, but stepping back to fight the fires around me. It was a year of learning, but I’m not sure that the lessons learned were the right ones.

I was absolutely ready to kick 2019 to the curb as soon as I was able.

Don’t get me wrong, there were a few awesome things that happened in 2019:

  • My daughter was born. She’s 8 months now, and every bit as amazing and adorable as it comes with that age.
  • I was finally able to figure out the ins-and-outs of my Etsy store. It took a LOT of growing pains, but those two stores are fully automated from the point of sale to the customer’s delivery. Which, since at one point I was doing all of the fulfillment, is a huge load off.

There were also several challenges:

  • Freelance work is still fun, but inconsistent. I think that’s a change with how the ecosystem is changing, and I’m trying to figure out how to change with it.
  • I have several things going on at once, and I think I need to pair some back. The Etsy stuff above will definitely help with that, but I also need to remember that I need sleep occasionally.

I know it sounds all doom-and-gloom, but to be honest… It wasn’t any one thing that was bad. It was just a long string of weird situations and issues (we replaced all four tires on our van within 2 months. That ate quite a bit of our budget up). Stuff like that.

With all that behind me, I do at least have some awesome plans for 2020:

  • Consolidate a bunch of stuff into one or two things so I’m not running all over the place.
  • More content creation, less content consuming. I’ve become lazy and complacent with my creation and it’s starting to show.
  • Learning some new skills. I got an Oculus Rift S for Christmas and I want to learn how to create some VR apps. I have a few ideas to ‘play around’ with.
  • Twitch/Youtube. I want to stream more, make more, create more, and grow my community.

So, here’s to kicking 2019 to the curb, and here’s to an even better 2020.

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