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Community is the Core of your Online Presence

Greyhawk Digital knows that having good community relations will set you apart from your competitors. We have the knowledge and tools to take you from a community management novice to a master in no-time!

One of the most neglected pieces of a successful online presence is that of the Community Manager. Many times, people make their journey online not knowing exactly how to manage their online supporters, customers, and critics. If you can't successfully manage your online community, you are doomed for failure.

Members of Greyhawk Digital know how important Community Managers are. In fact, our people run several online communities in different niches - with numbers ranging from a handful to several thousand members! We have first-hand experience with community interactions - the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Greyhawk Digital can give you the tools and knowledge to manage your own community. Whether it's a group of rabid fans on Discord to thousands of viewers & subscribers on your Discord server, we can teach and recommend everything you need to be an amazing Community Manager and stand out among your competitors.

The Specifics

Community Consultation

We recommend (and setup) the tools and software you need to kickstart your online community!

Community Audit • Community Management Training

Community Crisis Training

Don't be caught flat-footed - learn how to deal with an online crisis and emergency (and not lose the trust of your community while doing so!)

Social Media Crisis Planning • Community Crisis Audit

Our Work

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Our Raving Fans

Don't Take Our Word For It!

I've been fortunate to have seen Mitch do several presentations on using Wordpress and I have to say, he's phenomenal. He knows his stuff. And I'm not the only one who thinks so.

~Darren Dickey, Software Engineer

Mitch is a true Wordpress enthusiast, evangelist and expert. Where other designers in his space have tried to do too much, too often, Mitch has focused his energy on mastering Wordpress as a tool and a platform. As a result, Mitch can deliver strong solutions on time at a great value to his customers.

I recommend Mitch as a Wordpress consultant without hesitation.

~Marcus Whitney, entrepreneur

You want Wordpress? You got Mitch.

Mitch is a rockstar. From sexy UI design to sophisticated manipulation of the Wordpress platform, Mitch can do it all for you.

~Justin Davis, Tulli

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