Design & Branding

An Artistic Flair

Functional, yet beautiful. GREYHAWKdigital is no stranger to good design and aesthetic know-how. We pair tried-and-true design patterns with modern accents (colors and fonts) to provide designs that withstand the test of time. Sure, a trendy design may get you going now, but what happens a few years down the road? Are you a flash-in-the-pan, one-hit-wonder? Or do you have a website that will look good even as time marches on?

Our Design Specialities:
  • Branding consultation and deliverables (logos, business cards, stationary, apparel, and more!)
  • Website usability and user-experience strategy
  • Apparel & 'tchotchke' (swag, giveaway items) consultation.
  • Full brand audit (does your brand really represent you?)
  • Online graphic consultations (YouTube cards, Twitch Streamer graphics, custom emotes, and more!)
  • Multimedia design (intro clips, logo reveals, splash screens, subscribe videos, and more!)

Contact Mitch

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