About Mitch

Mitch Canter is the Chief Creative Mercenary of Greyhawk Digital - destined to help creators transform their digital identity. Mitch works with businesses, content creators, and brands of all sizes to ensure their story is told through social, marketing, and multimedia channels.

Mitch is also an accomplished developer/designer. He has contributed to the WordPress source code, created numerous WordPress plugins and themes, and several of his clients have won awards for their web presence.

Mitch is also an experienced communicator and conference speaker with over 15 years of experience speaking to crowds of any size. He is an internationally known speaker, having traveled to Europe and Asia to do workshops, seminars, and teaching sessions on development and design. You can see all of Mitch's speaking experience here.

In what little free time he has, Mitch enjoys streaming on Twitch, getting into the great ourdoors, and hanging out with his crazy, amazing family.

Other "Mitch Facts"

Here are a few other random facts about Mitch:

  • Mitch is an avid video gamer and loves playing both solo, with friends, and with his kids. He has a semi-active Twitch stream he uses as a ministry opportunity. You can catch him live on Twitch.
  • Mitch has been volunteering at his church for over 10 years. He's an avid 'storyteller', working mostly with 4th and 5th graders, to bring the Bible to life through teaching.
  • Mitch collects Snapback hats. His goal is to fill an entire wall of his office with them. Currently: 1/3 full.
  • Mitch lives in Nashville with his amazing wife and 5 kids. When asked about his large family, he says he's done because, "if we have more I have to buy a passenger van, and that's a commitment I'm not ready to make yet!"
  • Mitch is a self-proclaimed 'coffee-snob'. In reality, as long as it's hot/iced and has Splenda & Half-and-Half, he'll drink any coffee you give him within reason.
  • Mitch's bucket-list includes seeing the Aurora Borealis, visiting Asia & the Middle East (again), doing a stand-up comedy routine (and not being booed off stage!) and becoming a published author (I'm still working on this one! ~Mitch).

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